Elijus Kebleris

Elijus Kebleris

Elijus is the author of a unique system that was created to remove depression, anxiety, stress, various dependences and addictions, and to develop a harmonious and successful personality. He uses his inherent intuition to accurately diagnose damage inflicted on the human structure, to foresee fate- and health-related problems and to provide individuals with necessary information that helps to solve current issues and to prevent future problems. Elijus is one of the best autoreduction (recovery) specialists in Lithuania, the founder of Human Autoreduction Centre Laumžirgis, the vice-president of Lithuanian Muay Thai Union (more information is available at the official website: www.laumzirgis.com) and the author of a number of electronic and printed books.

Dragonfly Stories: All the Truth about Real Freedom

ELIJUS-knyga-virselis.inddDragonfly Stories heal your heart, restore relationships, open your eyes and liberate your spirit.

This book provides a thorough collection of the essential and fundamental knowledge about human existence. It conveys (encourages the formation of) skills and qualities, which are necessary for ensuring a happy and harmonious life, through the help of essays, true stories, exciting photographs, various exercises and tips. In addition, the book reveals forgotten but vital truths about human nature (structure) and human interaction with laws of nature (universe). Dragonfly Stories combine forgotten but necessary knowledge with brilliant essays, true stories, fairy stories and beautiful pictures, which, in addition to the direct transfer of information, gives rise to certain emotions and produces a better effect. As a result, the reader will receive priceless knowledge and will be able to enjoy the reading process.

This book will allow you to embark on a new life where good health, success and financial independence are obvious and constant companions.

Remember that real success, peace of mind and financial independence can be achieved only through self-liberation, and self-liberation can be achieved only through knowledge…

„Dear reader, no matter which corner of the world you come from, the mission of the Dragonfly is to locate your whereabouts, find a way to your heart and bring more light and warmth.“

Elijus Kebleris

It is possible to hear a flying dragonfly only in profound silence,

calm your mind and secrets will reveal themselves to you.

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