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Saulė Zujūtė, of Kaunas, Lithuania, born in 1967, graduated Vilnius University, majoring in the Lithuanian language and literature. For more than twenty five years she pursued the career in business, ten of which she spent as a quality manager and a certified auditor of quality systems, taking a deep interest in cultural aspects of business organizations.

Presently Saulė Zujutė is the Deputy Director of the “Mijalba” Publishers. She is actively focused on introducing spiritual principles of self-realization and harmonious cooperation into business processes, daily life, and personal relationships.

Saulė takes a deep interest in philosophy, she enjoys reading fiction books and science articles. Her likings and hobbies are the development of her personality, traveling, thinking, and visualizing fiction stories. Her private goal in life is to learn and realize her inner spiritual potential, as well as assist other individuals in achieving the same.

From her early childhood, Saulė has had lucid dreams, some of which she developed into literary stories of complex narration. Those were included into her nine books published in the Lithuanian language.

Saulė Zujūtė`s books represent the spiritual and esoteric literary trend. Her elegant writings show stylistic and thematic affinity to the New Age literary movement. The complex issues of the world or even the Universe, spiritual searches, choices based on moral principles, traditions of ancient religions serves as the background against which the characters of Saulė Zujūtė novels live through their exciting adventures.

The writer helps her readers into the world of extraordinary visions, she guides them patiently and knowingly until the last page of her novels. The literary fans of Saulė Zujūtė are mostly those readers who are willing to experience a wider and more colorful world transcending the everyday and the usual.

Meeting with readers, in Lithuanian/German

Interview in Frankfurt book fair, in English


Saulė Zujūtė has written the following 9 books that are published in Lithuanian:


Danieles sirdis Zujute2Romance story about the life of angels. They learn, make mistakes and suffer as we, humans, do. And in the same way they learn to forgive – not only others, but themselves as well. The story takes place in mundane physical life and in heavenly realms at the same time. Angels come to Earth not only to help people but also to get their own experience of personal growth.




 (Original: The Story of One Dream; Title of German translation: Masha – the Magic Agent)

Vieno sapno istorija Zujute2Masha Muftieva, an associate professor, has a recurrent prophetic dream which is difficult to interpret. After an extremely intense vision in Berlin, she saves the life of a Russian secret agent. This marks the start of her new life which offers new friends, adventures and challenges. She is at the crossroad of her life facing complex choices. After deciding to embark upon the new life and aacept new friends so unlike her old colleagues, she has to overcome some challenges. Masha has to find a way to help her new friends who are perishing in her visions. The only possible answer frightens her. She is supposed to get into a risky…

The novel was published in Germany in 2011 under the title “Mascha – die magishe Agentin”.

 Excerpt in English – Saule Zujute Masha ENG.



The continuation of the novel “The Magic Dream of Masha”

Degancios rankos Zujute2Amyr, a patient of Neurological and Mental Clinic of Ufa, carries the curse that several generations of his relatives were battling with: at the moments of the most peaceful interaction with people, he is overpowered by the unconscious drive to suffocate this other person… By using his will power, and the Oriental self-development techniques, the young man attempts to control his unmanageable nature. Alas, yet it seems like he is fighting a losing battle. But the victory over the curse comes unexpectedly. The price he pays for this is an emotionally challenging journey to the place where his curse had originated, to the abandoned homestead of his great-grandfather. In it, he finalizes the cycle of curse and closes the circle of his dispersed energy.

German translation available.

Excerpt in German: Saule Zujute AMIR DE


Trilogy The Stories of the Old Master

For many years Saulė Zujūtė has nurtured in her imagination fascinating stories that frequented her mind from her early childhood. Some of these stories were used in the trilogy The Stories of the Old Master. Old Master’s students, to while away the boredom of long winter nights, tell marvelous stories about ancient times and distant worlds. The literary style of the trilogy is blended with the integral system of the metaphysical views and principles of the authoress. It embraces from complex cosmogony to every day life of heroes, whose lives are harmoniously balanced and based upon the values of self-realization, co-operation, ministry, and creativity. “I wish to share with your all the wonderful stories that enriched my own life,” says Saulė.

The first book The Bard of Chaos, published in Lithuanian, 2009, consists of two stories.

Chaoso dainius Zujute2The first story, The Bard of Chaos, tells about an ambitious, disobedient young prince Elear from the make-belief world of elves. He becomes friends with the dwellers of Chaos, the ephemeral world which had generated all worlds of the lower Order. With the help of his new friends, the prince becomes aware of the evolution of a each human being, – from the tiny spark of monada, through the spirit, soul and aura bodies, into the material world. Elear manages to live through a dangerous initiation and enter into the creative subconscious of Chaos dwellers. He becomes the Bard of Chaos, who is able with the power of his voice create and destroy worlds. With his new power of suggestion, he manages to unite the passive community of elves to fight their worst enemies.

English translation available.

Excerpt: Saule Zujute The Singer of Chaos Eng.


The second story, Dragon Simudar, takes us to the ancient Mesopotamia, to the time 4000 years ago. A young Sumer man Simudar is studying in the school of magic. He and his friends not only develop their inner powers and expand consciousness into subtle planes of being, but also find out that friendship and assistance to each other in the times of hardship can help more than all great personal qualities. The story takes place in the characteristic atmosphere of Sumerian everyday life, where gods appear among people and interfere into their deeds.

The author creates a vivid and realistic picture of the Universe which is perfectly reflected in the microcosm of every human being, and his physical body. Having read this book, I found it much easier to focus upon the center of my inner being and also help my patients do the same. The literary metaphors of the novel help to get a better knowledge of one`s own body and apply therapeutical gestures.

 The literary form of the book makes it easy to understand the complexity of our living world, our personality structure and our life goals. It assists in better understanding and managing of our physical body.

Inga Kilkienė, MD, physical therapist

The book reveals the essence of human quest, gives the direction for one’s activities and goals, helps to make sense of what we do. While I was reading this book, a blind-fold came off my eyes and I saw a wonderful new world… I wish you to enjoy the same reading experience.

Anita Dabužinskienė, MD, PhD


Pazink savo pradzia ir pabaiga Zujute2The second book – KNOW YOUR BEGINNING, KNOW YOUR END published in Lithuanian, 2009, consists of a single story. The female character Lina lives at the turn of the 21st century and battles severe ecological issues. She has the ability to travel through time and dreams to make a specific change in the past which would lead to the safer and more balanced society. Unfortunately, her change affects herself, and she loses her family and her present. In despair, Lina starts to build her new life and experiences extraordinary adventures. She is burned at the stake yet survives, she studies in a temple in Atlantis where she learns to master her wishes; she takes care of dragon’s children, and, ultimately, with her newly gained friends, she participates in the essential correction of human nature.

This adventurous, colorful book is not only fascinating, but it also encourages us to reflect upon our personal responsibility, about the impact of our behavior on other human beings and the nature. When reading this book, I felt my personality expanded, I felt more aware. I am grateful to the author for her hope and belief that together we are able to accomplish a lot more, we are able to better ourselves and our surroundings.

Inga Kilkienė, MD, physical therapist


Nuo tevo dangaus Zujute2The third book – FROM HEAVEN, THE FATHER… published in 2011, also contains a single story. The events of the novel transfer us into the 23rd century, where two global civilizations, the East and the West, have evolved. Intellectual Westerners face a serious problem: their experiments with genes destroyed the link between their minds and emotions. They can only either deal with complex intellectual tasks, or experience a wide range of intense emotions. The character of the novel Rasa, who is a bio-engineer, with her team is tasked to find a solution to this problem. They turn to the ancient experience of East, where spirituality and metaphysical thinking still survived in poor neighborhoods. Unexpectedly, Rasa identifies her link to her past life as that of the priestess of Mother Earth. She learns about the disturbed balance between feminine and masculine energies. Gradually, her and her friends restore it to their own circle, and later to their society.

While reading this book, I realized that, alongside with the characters, I have experienced a wonderful mystery of personal spiritual growth. When I turned back to the two previous books of the trilogy of the Old Master , I realized how they all, with their transparent uniform views, consistent knowledge and experiences, shaped the road of the expansion of my consciousness.

Vilma Urbanavičienė, Director of “Mijalba” Publishing House.


A new series: Cosmic memoirs

Susitikimai su savimi Zujute2The first book MEETINGS WITH ONESELF was published in 2014. Here again we meet a female character Lina from the novel KNOW YOUR BEGINNING, KNOW YOUR END. Lina with her ability to travel through time is restless to learn something new, to help other people find their spiritual goals, and to bring them together to co-operate with the whole Mother Universe. And most of all she wishes to meet her own other incarnations… The story is packed with adventures. Through them the author exposes the complex structure of our nature – seen and unseen – up to the most subtle layers of the Universe.

SĄMONĖS DRAKONŲ KELIAIS. Saulė ZujūtėThe second book (published in 2015) A RIDE WITH THE DRAGONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS takes Lina and her friends outside our Universe, into the vast realms of Multiverse, and make her meet a variety of beings of different evolution. And again, as always, while meeting other beings and learning their way of life, the main characters learn more about themselves.




HERMETINĖ KELIONĖ GYVYBĖS MEDŽIO KELIAIS. Saulė ZujūtėHer newest book published in July, 2015, Hermetic Journey through the Paths on the Tree of Life: Basics of Practical Metaphysics, is a summary of her metaphysical views, put in a form of a journey through 22 Major Arkanes of Tarot.

From the synthesis of the theory studied and her own experience during past 25 years, the author has developed her own theory and practical system of interpreting the Sephirot of the Tree of Life and the Major Arcana. In it, she successfully combines the advances of modern science with ancient wisdom. She uses it as instrumental for her main goal, to assist awakening and development of consciousness and spiritual potential of every individual in the realization of his or her personal evolutionary mission.

 In the book, the 22 Major Arcana of Tarot (and Tree of Life) are connected with 7 Hermetical Principles best known from the book The Kybalion in a unique manner.

 The material is laid down as a journey of the Soul through the twenty-two Major Arcana. During it, the reader becomes familiar with the consciousness of Laws of Being in the worlds of Spirit – Mind, Soul – Emotions, and Aura – Psyche, which is also a unique way of analyzing the Major Arcana.

 While studying the Major Arcana of Tarot we utilize them as the tools for the movement of our consciousness upwards through the planes of Universe, as we possess a body on each of the planes. Some of them are yet in their latent states as we do not use them in our daily lives. In psychic world, Hermetic principles will help us to better familiarize ourselves with our own psyche and to maintain a better control of it, as well as to realize the divine mission of our individuality.

 In every chapter there is given some essential theory on Major Arcana and many unique working formulas or mantras.

 The audience for the book is everyone interested in widening his or her consciousness and realizational abilities; seeking systematic metaphysical knowledge.




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